Monday, 13 September 2010

A link in a chain of expanding possibilities

They say that synchronicity increases when you are willing to listen to it. I was looking for the right words to explain a recent piece when I started reading John Blakemore's 'Black and White Photography Workshop' (David and Charles. ISBN 9780715317211) and one of the first things I read seemed to express exactly what I wanted to say, only far better than I could ever have hoped.

'I need to explore and express the ideas that currently intrigue me, and to find the appropriate photographic means to communicate them. However, I have always mistrusted the 'magic box', the brief moment of exposure, the lack of any necessary connection with that which is to be photographed beyond the hope that it might make a 'good picture'
My way of coping with this unease is to explore, to repeat, to work and to re-work. This process of exploration becomes, for me, the equivalent of the painter's or the writer's ability to remake, change and develop the single canvas or sentence. An individual photograph thus becomes not an end in itself but a link in a chain of expanding visual possibilities.'