Monday, 1 August 2011

From small acorns.

When I took my leap of faith I only had a handful of book covers under my belt and, to be honest, I had no idea if I would still be doing this some years later and if I would still be enjoying myself. It's hard to remain positive in the beginning, especially when those bills arrive and you've only sold a few initial images, but the great thing about working in the creative world is that you can switch your mind off to all that outside-your-head-stuff. You can channel your energy, focus on someplace else. Eventually you start to realise that people are recognising the love and effort you've put into things and that spreads outwards and multiplies as people start buying and promoting your work.


That small acorn is now growing nicely and the shoots are looking healthy. I managed to pass the 200 book cover mark over the last fortnight. I reckon I can fix the first rung of the wooden ladder that will eventually lead up to the top of the tree where I'm planning a really cool, childhood-wowness, kinda house.