Thursday, 2 June 2011

Something simple

I've always admired the work of Man Ray and I've always enjoyed dabbling in experimental imaging and creating contemporary photograms.
I spent some quality time getting the spare room (studio) looking tidy again and re-discovered a load of 'stuff'.
I love working with layers and textures to build an image upwards like a painting, spending hours or even days getting it just how I want it, but sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to have a change and enjoy the simple the bold and the graphic.


I found the heart lying in the gutter. It wasn't the first, or the last. It had been broken at some stage - not a great crack down the middle type of break, but a chink in the edges sort. I'm not an expert, but I guess you could fix this little fella if the missing parts could be found or replaced, and you had one of those really strong glues.
For now it rests, with the others, in a box near the fireplace...