Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tim Andrews' Parkinson's Project - Over The Hill

I was contacted some time ago by a chap called Tim Andrews, explaining that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and was approaching photographers to see if they would like to photograph him for an ongoing project entitled Over The Hill.

After a while we arranged to meet and I invited him down to the Island to spend a day with me. The weather was drab and dreary and, because of this, all my plans kept changing on the journey to meet him at the boat. I tried to find a way to turn the day into something more productive and successful.

When we met we chatted for a while then off we went and I endeavoured to show Tim as much of the Island as was possible, stopping every few miles or so to stretch our legs and take photos. It was very relaxed and informal and we had a brilliant time of it, talking all the time and finding out about each other.

I think I might have said "give me a couple of weeks to get these pictures finished", but sometimes the work takes longer than expected as I try to gather the right elements to complete the piece. The photographs themselves can take a while to tell me the direction they wish to be taken. But we get there in the end.

Tim was a pleasure to be with all day and I hope that our paths may cross again someday.

Please visit Tim's blog for further reading on his Over The Hill project.